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Mission Aim and Institutional Objectives

Colonnato dell'emiciclo, particolare

The Ghirardi ONLUS Foundation, as far as the Region of Veneto is concerned, has the following non-profit objectives, which will be achieved by using Villa Contarini in Piazzola sul Brenta directly or indirectly : a) the study of problems concerning aetiology, the therapy of malign tumours and degenerative and chronic endogenous diseases. b) the education in artistic, scientific and humanistic fields – in particular through musical activities – through the organization of symposiums, conventions, meetings, prizes, scholarships, etc. concerning scientific and cultural topics on the various branches of everything that is human knowledge, and as far as medicine is concerned, with a focus on degenerative and heart diseases. c) protection, promotion and valorisation of art and history. In the Villa several non-profit fund raising promotional exhibitions can be held.