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The last portion of the road leading to the town of Piazzola sul Brenta becomes a characteristic element of the landscape, as it is lined, on both sides, by impressing century-old magnolia trees. Following the street up to the town centre visitors can take in the view of the wonderful semicircular square, which adds a special value to the beautiful scene of Villa Contarini. It is located in an important geographical spot of the Venetian plain, between Padua and Cittadella; with its 180 meters of length, it is one of the largest and most beautiful Villas in Veneto. It is considered one of the most important artistic sights in the territory owing to its architectural features, as well as to the characteristic landscape surrounding it.
Compared with the great number of Venetian Villas in this area, Villa Contarini is undoubtedly unique; here architecture and "man-made" nature are tightly and harmoniously intertwined with a magnificence and taste that have always characterised the Villa and its environs during time, up to its present appearance...

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