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sala_conchiglieSHELL ROOM

The Gallery of the Shells is located on the ground floor in the western wing. Today the long gallery is closed by large windows, but originally it was open.

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cantine_tedeschiTHE GERMANS' CELLAR

Behind the Gallery of the Shells there are the Germans' Cellars, that is, the place used as refreshment rooms by the German soldiers called up during the Second World War.

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sala_pozzoWELL ROOM

The well room is on the ground floor in the main body of the building. A valuable well curb of the 15th century was placed here by the Camerini family, while the Epigraphic Museum is on the ground floor in the eastern wing.



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sala_proserpinaPROSPERPINE'S ROOM

The frescoed gallery leads to the room of The Abduction of Proserpine. The mythological episode is portrayed at the centre of the ceiling: Proserpine is being abducted by Pluto, the god of the Netherworld, who tears her form her parents, Ceres and Jupiter, and takes her with him on his white horse.

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ico_corridore_sTHE CORRIDOR

The recently restored "Corridor" was conceived as an upper floor gallery used to reach the guest quarters and the noble chapel.


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The Ballroom is also called Stuccos Room for its extraordinarily rich decorations that seem to cancel a well-established perception of interiors through the use of non structural elements, such as 17th century relievos of spirals or cherubs.

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