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Front Garden and house facade


Traces of the paintings decorating the two ends of the main body of the building can be seen from the garden in front of the Villa. They were made in the mid-17th century, when Marco Contarini commissioned a great number of decorations. Today the frescoes are seriously damaged, but they can still be seen as they were as a whole in some photographs taken in the 1960s. The external decoration, composed of three overlapping bands, featured a few Atlases carrying a false cornice in the lower band. The central band, at window level, showed the personification of the Seasons - Autumn and Winter on the left, Spring and Summer on the right -, vases with couples of cherubs, and monochrome images in the centre with episodes of ancient history: a battle scene on the left, and a military triumph on the right. Finally, on the upper band, allegoric figures of Justice and Plenty are still visible on the left, while only Nobility can be identified with certainty on the opposite wall. The central oval figures, now almost completely destroyed, portrayed the Judgement of Paris and Apollo with the Muses.

The entrance staircase to the Villa leads to a hall guarded by two lions. They are the plaster cast copies of the bronze statues made by artist Luigi Ceccon (1833-1919) and placed at the entrance of the little cylindrical temple dedicated to Duke Silvestro Camerini, built in the garden in front of the Villa.